The Chinese Thought of It.

This information book is full of amazing inventions and innovations from Chinese civilization both ancient and modern. Some of them are familiar; many more will surprise you. Selected as one of ten children's non-fiction "Best Bets" by the Ontario Librarians' Association, 2009.


White Lily.

This chapter book tells the tale of White Lily, a clever and loving girl born in Qing Dynasty China, who finds herself at odds with tradition when she balks at having her feet bound to make her "beautiful."


Three Monks, No Water.

A young monk learns the truth of an old Chinese saying in this comical story.


Weighing the Elephant.

Young Hei-dou must solve a riddle to save the village elephants from the emperor's wrath.


Share the Sky.

When Fei-fei leaves her native village to come to North America without her parents, only her kite keeps her in touch.